About Us

Ario Juan company started its activity in important industry of country like: Rock Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power houses, Steel and Military. Nearly a decade in Private Equity (PJS) with the capital of private section.
It was changed to one of the most active and Prominent enterprise Iranian company because of its technical knowledge and gaining a lot of experiences in different arena of industrial parts production.
The reputation and credibility of this company has increased since the first years of activity because of emphasizing on quality of whole of the production levels and supplying commodity and respecting to client’s demanded and gaining their satisfaction.
On the other hand, extending connected technology with expertise field and provision of services to clients were complementary with the main activity of this company and it focused on researching in executive activities arena, complete domination on updated technical and engineering information to represent the most valuable products and services to clients.
because it wanted to ascertain gaining desirable results and success in long term by gaining the customer’s satisfaction and supplying the beneficiary’s interests.
Now this company presents services in producing spare parts, consultation designing and supplying with trusting to ability and knowledge of undertaking proficient and experienced experts as skilled separate teams in the form of units of Pump, Turbine, Compressor, Generator, Gearbox, Industrial valve, Equipment’s of inside the oil well.

We have established and equipped the control and inspection unit because of raising the quality and improving manufactured products.
And we have moved coextensive with the latest methods in line with the world. This company is ready to make and produce kinds of industrial parts with observing all the standards:
DIN-JIS-ASTM-BS and receiving international certificate : OHSA SI8001 : 2007, ISO 14001:2015, ISO9001:2015 - IMS-5S.
Also this company is ready to make and produce all kinds of industrial parts with having a 1250 square meters production area factory located in Zagros industrial town with different machinery (CNC three-axis and four –axis turning machine, CNC three-axis, four axis and five axis, Milling machine), to reach to self-sufficiency and have positive stride in the way of development.
We hope that we will be able to have some strides into growth and development for our dear country with our commitment, specialization and endeavor to do the duties of company.