Industrial Drawing

Industrial drawing is technique language or industry language. The language that draw the engineering and designer idea.

Map reading and drawing skill in engineering is like reading and writing literacy. In fact drawing is kind of spoken language in engineering sciences. That expresses demand information of a part, Machine, structure or a plan clearly and unequivocally.
Drawing is the most important step construction of mechanical parts.
Maybe, it seem exaggerated title of this subject for some of readers, But undoubled we have to say that the first step or maybe it is better to say the most important step to manufacturing mechanical parts is designing and drawing parts. In mechanical engineering, when we want to draw an industrial set (set means: harmonic collection of mechanical or electrical parts that do a duty by cooperation together.) at first we must have a plan of parts and its component. Also if we want to produce the set by reverse engineering method we need to prepare the component map and also the assembly diagram of set (components are shown on the map that in contact with each other in it and it explains how to contact the parts and how to work the set).

What do we show on drawings?

Generally, all necessary information to produce a part have been written in drawings that called production drawing: Dimensions, tolerance (dimensional and geometric), surface roughness, work piece material (raw material), heat treatment, necessary coating and etc. Other information that mention in production drawing list as follow: Part name, part number, part quantity, drawer’s name, designing supervisor, project manager, date, Company name, project name and etc.

Assembly drawing include all used part, connection method, location of assemble, assemble tips, requirement test after assemble and etc. Another type of assembled drawings named explode drawings, prepare and used to better understanding of assembly work from how to assemble. It is necessary to mentioning that in designing of some major machines, it include some assembled subsystem and maybe these subsystems assembled by some subsets and in continues to the last level of these chain that is a simple part. The name of the assembly collection is one of the necessary information should be written in production drawings and subset drawings In this regard, this company has establishment the drawing and design unit relying on knowledge, experiences and the records of company staff, the blue print and 3D model of all parts before production prepared based on international credible standards (ISO) and different software’s such as Catia, Solid works, Autocad and etc. Blue prints delivered to production unit after various functional and operation analysis.